For my first post, I feel it is best to introduce the two who play a huge role in my life, accompany me on my wandering adventures, and are two of the loudest snorers that I know.  So without further ado, here are my human & canine counterparts, Eric & Lennon.

Eric is originally from Chicago but for the last couple of years he lived in Salt Lake City to get his ski bum days out of the way…oh and he worked at Sundance Film Festival, but mostly just skied (just kidding). We met at the University of Arizona during our Freshman year (April 2008 to be exact, and at a fraternity party…how typical), and have experienced every trial and tribulation of being 2 twenty somethings young and in a relationship. We have grown past all of that and now comfortably and happily share our loft apartment in beautiful Lincoln Park, still making each other laugh the same way we did at age 18. Six years down, and hopefully many, many more to go.

Okay, enough about him… Now onto my one true love (sorry, babe):

Lennon has been my little angel of a best friend since August 2012 and honestly I don’t know how I existed before he came into my life. Lennon and I met at a Homeward Trails rescue center event in DC, when I was going to actually look at another dog (miniature white poodle). I feel bad, but as soon as I saw Lennon, the other dog left my mind. He was kind of strange, but friendly, and was adorable, even with a red swollen eye from surgery. I was in love. I filled out the papers that day but knew I had to wait to hear back. I went to 2 other adoption events that day and saw tons of cute dogs, but none that made me forget Lennon (formerly known as Copper). One house visit later, he was permanently mine to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, in good times and…you get where I’m going. Lennon’s name was influenced by John Lennon, as I am an avid Beatles fan, but also always love and admired John’s relaxed vibe, and love filled way of living. Lennon (in all his laziness and loud snores) is definitely relaxed, but most importantly shares that same loving vibe as the infamous John Lennon.

Here are a couple of pictures to put faces to the names:



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