City of Angels

As much as I love Chicago and chose to move here, deep down my heart is in LA. Of course I was sent to go during the most unusually warm weather seen in January, which only reignited my longtime dreams of living there. I was lucky enough to be sent out there by my job, so it was more work than play (boooring), but I was able to stay longer and enjoy my weekend there.

With a few friends from college that live there, and a few of my crazy family members, an LA trip never fails me. I fell in love with city after only a few childhood visits to see family, but it only grew once I was in college, and a short 6 hour drive away. It’s more than being able to be at a restaurant and see a celebrity that you have admired for years, but it’s the whole vibe of the city. Young people move out there to pursue dreams of stardom, while older people move out west to enjoy and spend their wealth. I have no actual talents (well basically I can’t act, sing, and haven’t made a sex tape), so my dream of moving there has nothing to do with fame. It’s the warm weather (but with a cool breeze at night), the constant rush of the city (but with a relaxed mindset), the beach being right there (but with a busy downtown only minutes away), and so many more things that make LA so unique. But my main two reasons that I love the city are that Ellen’s show tapes there, and it’s one of the only places you can run into Mrs. Piggy and Kermit at 3 am in the morning on Santa Monica Blvd. Who knows where I’ll be in 10 years — I’m loving Chicago right now, but my mind changes as quickly as the weather, and I never say never.



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