Oh my, snow.

I knew it snowed in Chicago, but I had no idea it was this much. I know the Polar Vortex of 2014 hit the nation and swept cold weather to many places along the east coast, but Chicago goes through the Polar Vortex from October 31st – April 30th. I can confidently say we first saw snow in October. OCTOBER! That can’t be normal. I knew Chicago was cold, and everyone had wondered why I would move here, especially knowing that I hate the cold! My response was always “Well, I hate the cold in general, so I can’t see how I would hate one cold more than another…” I’m a fool. Chicago gives Antarctica a run for it’s money for coldest place. You can be walking outside and sure, it’s cold, but not snowing. No more than 5 minutes later there will be a blizzard going on. Not just a few flakes coming down, but literally a blizzard. It’s the only city where there is no build-up to a winter storm, it legitimately just happens. As much as I have not entirely enjoyed these snow downfalls, but going outside is unavoidable as I cannot stay in my 1 bedroom forever, and my little pup cannot either. Therefore, I make any trip outside worth it and see something new, or take pictures of the snow for the world to see the continuous winter wonderland that I now live in.

1426166_10201247409687062_1060908772_n 1451367_10201322140315281_16299540_n1463579_10201145505859530_654672734_n  1499425_10201482661448209_211993730_n1528635_10201491293504005_1606083700_n (1)1536447_10201471067558369_507546319_n1546101_10201488833322502_534680619_n


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