Grammy Recap

I love Award season. Not just for the recognition of the best of the arts, but mostly to gawk at the incredibly well-dressed attendees. Sunday’s 2014 Grammy show was no different. Taylor Swift, even with those horrible dance moves, looked unbelievable. She looked flawless, from the dresses, to her hair and makeup, I was very impressed.

But what I like about the Grammy’s especially is  the collaborations throughout the show. I am a music fanatic — from listening to it while on the go, while laying in bed, or at a live show/music festival, I am never not listening to my favorite tunes. So this is my ultimate favorite award show, because I get to watch my favorite musicians get recognized for their talent, and perform on such an amazing stage.

This year’s show was no short of unbelievable performances but here are a few of my favorites:

This version of Royals, by Lorde, was spooky and stripped and pretty much amazing: Royals, Lorde

Of course Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Queen Latifah, and Madonna blew the show away with their touching, romantic, and talented performance: Same Love, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

The Queen & King of Music, Beyonce & Jay Z with their performance of Drunk in Love (I honestly don’t know who I’m more jealous of, QueenBey or Jay): Drunk in Love, Beyonce ft. Jay Z

Katy Perry looking and dancing like a pro in Dark Horse ft Juicy J: Dark Horse, Katy Perry

Imagine Dragons teaming up with Kendrick Lamar putting on one of the greatest collaboration performances: Imagine Dragons/Kendrick Lamar

A rare performance from Daft Punk, but an amazing collaboration with Pharrell Williams, Nile Rogers & Stevie Wonder: Get Lucky

And of course, the infamous reunion on stage between Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, who we all know I still idolize from their days in the Beatles: Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr

Overall, it was an amazing award show to watch, filled with so much talent – both young and old. Plus, it was so cool to watch 33 couples of different races and genders get married with Queen Latifah as their minister and Madonna singing for their first dance — how many people can say that?


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