Cincinnati Skyline Chili

You have probably never heard of this, and neither have I. Nor have I ever been to Cincinnati for that fact. But when I mentioned making chili on this cold Chicago Saturday, Eric almost fell out of bed yelling “Make Skyline Chili!!”. This must be a Midwest thing, but after a little research, it is extremely popular and other food bloggers have tackled recreating a famous Cincinnati restaurant favorite. It basically is chili, without beans (which Eric hates anyways), and served on top of spaghetti (or anything you like), with cheese and onions on top. Usually I would push for the chili that I like, but Eric surprised me today with the best early Valentines day gift ever — a DYSON vacuum!! This is how I know I am getting old, because I used to love my Valentines present to come in a little turquoise box, containing something shiny in it, but now I’m a realist. In a loft, you can imagine how annoying it is to lift a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs. I am obsessed with our new Dyson. It is the best purchase and we can’t stop using it. So to thank him, Cincinnati Skyline Chili was on the menu for today.

Having never heard of it, I relied on the collaboration of recipes from blogs, and it turned out amazing. I mostly followed this recipe, but once again, omitted the beans but you can do as you would like. Eric liked it on top of cooked spaghetti, but I actually preferred mine as a cup of chili. Really tasty!

image image_1 image_2


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